In Trial, It’s Not Just What You Know… It’s Knowing What Matters.

We are real trial lawyers, ready for trial.  Through years of experience and scores of trials, our courtroom success is the result of exhaustive preparation, deep insights into the dynamics of trial and the intense resolve to win.

Our demonstrated success is evident in the following matters:

DHI Group, Inc. and, Inc. v. David Kent and OilPro:

Successfully represented plaintiffs in a two-week theft of trade secrets trial in the Southern District of Texas, wherein we earned a favorable jury verdict, including TUTSA and RICO liability findings, and nearly $4 million in damages against the original founder of Rigzone. The case is currently on appeal.

MMR Contractors, Inc. v. The Dow Chemical Company:

Represented The Dow Chemical Company in litigation surrounding construction of facility at its Freeport Plant.  Plaintiff’s claims dismissed on summary judgment.

Encore Chemical Solutions v. Pinnacle Chemical Solutions:

Represented Encore in litigation involving theft of trade secrets by Pinnacle.  Favorably settled after mediation.

Bagwell v. Union Carbide Corp.:

Defended Union Carbide Corporation in a four week trial regarding plaintiff’s death from mesothelioma.   UCC was found not liable in jury verdict.

Union Carbide Corporation:

Represented Union Carbide in numerous product and premises liability matters pending around the country.

Belinda Bloxsom et al. v. Esenjay Exploration, Inc. et al.:

Represented contract operator in lawsuit filed by working interest owners related to joint operating agreement. Confidential settlement.

Spill Tech Environmental, Inc. v. New Pig Corporation and Edward Secrest:

Represented defendant in theft of trade secret case related to environmental clean-up industry. Defendant dismissed.

Nichols v. AMF, Inc. et al., 1122-CC01820 (St. Louis, MO, 2014):

Trial counsel for BASF Corporation in premises liability death case related to its Freeport, Texas plant seeking $21 million in compensatory along with punitive damages. Following a three-week jury trial, BASF earned a defense verdict.

Sherman v. Georgia Pacific, et al., No. N11C-01-271 ASB (Wilmington, DE, 2014):

Trial counsel for Union Carbide Corporation in products liability mesothelioma case, which resulted in a defense verdict after three weeks in front of a jury.

DBWT, LLP v. The Dow Chemical Company:

Represented The Dow Chemical Company in litigation surrounding construction of a facility at its Freeport Plant.